Man Eats Battery to Prove a Point

Man Eats Battery to Prove a Point

Jay Whitacre from Aquion Energy wanted to prove the battery his team developed was so clean, you can eat it. Well, Jay did just that and literally ate a piece of his battery’s electrodes! Although the battery most likely tasted horrible, it does prove that there are more eco-friendly ways to develop products known for their hazardous materials. This particular battery isn’t just an experiment, it is actually on the market already.

Aquion’s battery is made up of 4 major elements: Dirt (Cathode), Cotton (Separator), Carbon (Anode), and Saltwater (Electrolyte). See diagram below:

What are the benefits of Aquion Energy’s new battery?

With all new technology, you really never know if the claims by the company hold up. As for now, these new batteries have the following perks compared to conventional batteries according to the Aquion Energy website.

  •          Batteries are much cleaner
  •          Batteries are much safer
  •          Batteries last for many years
  •          Batteries are more affordable 

BatteryClerk’s views on this new technology.

What we would like to see as a perk is ‘cooler batteries under large loads’. Excessive heat diminishes the life of a battery. This is why charging your batteries multiple times a day for your smartphone does more harm than good. Our last post on August 14 about a new egg yolk design for a longer lasting battery, is ideal because the ‘yolk’ can contract or expand when under heavy loads which allows the battery to except higher temps. The biggest challenge for battery technology is to make it fit for all applications. UPS batteries, Wheelchair batteries, and smartphone batteries are good examples of how diverse applications are. These new designs are great and a step closer to longer lasting batteries that are also eco-friendly, but the industry has a long way to go before a majority of products can use them.

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