Top 5 Benefits of Battery-Powered Lawn Mower and Garden Equipment

Top 5 Benefits of Battery-Powered Lawn Mower and Garden Equipment

Lawn and garden equipment has come quite a way since gas and push powered was the only option. While gas powered equipment has evolved somewhat, battery powered options have really come along in leaps and bounds. From lawn mowers to trimmers, tillers, weed whackers, and chain saws, there are many more battery powered options to choose from. While range and runtime is probably the main differentiator between choosing gas over battery, there are many other reasons for choosing battery over gas. As yards and properties become smaller, most battery powered equipment should be able to cover tasks that are within a 60 minute timeframe.

Battery-powered lawn equipment has significantly increased in popularity so what’s the appeal of battery over gas?

1. Cost – generally battery powered equipment like lawn mowers can cost a little more than their gas counterparts initially but gas costs and maintenance costs will continue but batteries only have to be replaced every few years. Over time you’ll most likely see savings on electric options.

2. Maintenance – gas powered equipment requires regular servicing, oil changes/fills, fuel filters, spark plugs. Oil changes can be pretty messy and time consuming if you choose to do it yourself or expensive if you need to take it somewhere to get maintained. Maintenance on battery-powered equipment is minimal.

3. Operating – many of us who have had gas powered mowers before have probably experienced the pull cord dramas that comes with it. Sweating it out on a hot summer day when your mower or weed whacker won’t start is not fun. Conversely, battery powered devices start with the turn of a key and the push of a button.

4. Environment– zero emissions is certainly appealing but gas powered equipment isn’t there yet, not even close. It’s true that batteries need to be charged by electricity, which is often coal powered but the amounts are still nominal in comparison.

5. Noise – not necessarily a game-changer but something that may be relevant in situations where noise sensitivity is important. Battery powered equipment is considerably quieter than their gas powered counterparts.

Naturally, you need to choose the option that is right for you but the appeal of battery powered lawn and garden equipment should be quite obvious especially for those of us who live in a suburban setting. As houses get bigger and yards get smaller, we want something cleaner and more manageable. has a whole category of replacement batteries dedicated to lawn and garden equipment for most of the top brands.