Barcode Scanner Replacement Batteries

Barcode Scanner Replacement Batteries

The barcode scanner was invented to meet the need to accurately and quickly check out of the grocery store. Drexel Institute University turned down the project, but a couple of enterprising students who overheard the conversation took up the challenge, and were issued a patent in 1952.

Barcode scanners are a ubiquitous part of our lives.  Stop into a large box store and you can scan your own items, pay for them and generate the receipt with a hand held scanner.  Most people don’t remember cashiers keying each price into the register at the local grocery store. In our fast paced world, this is a good thing!

At the hospital, your plastic id bracelet is scanned by nurses at every step of the treatment process. The data encoded on that bracelet needs to be accessible and error-free every step of the way.

Warehouses depend on scanners for inventory control, and production lines use then to keep the manufacturing process smooth and efficient.

Rechargeable Barcode Scanner Batteries

Wireless scanners use rechargeable batteries. The batteries can last for thousands of scans, depending on the scanner model and the age of the battery. The battery will recharge in a few hours, again varying on the type and age of the battery that powers the scanner.

The batteries often can be charged up to 300 times before they need to be replaced. If you use the device every day, you will probably need to replace the batteries once a year although some batteries will last longer. Because scanners are an integral part of what you do, you will want a quality, reliable replacement battery on hand.

Replacing the Batteries in a Barcode Scanner

Although barcode scanners differ in style and intended use, replacing the battery is similar for each. 

  1. Locate the door to the battery compartment and remove it, taking note of any details that will help you replace it. Some doors just pop or slide off, some are held in place with a screw that will need to be removed, usually with a Philips head screw driver.
  2. Take note of how the battery is oriented in the compartment.
  3. If there are wires, disconnect them at the connection point, if not pop the battery out.
  4. Reconnect the new battery wires and place the battery back into the compartment, or snap the new battery in place.
  5. Replace the battery compartment door.
  6. The unit may need to be re-paired with the base before it works. Place the scanner in its cradle for a few seconds and it will be ready to scan.

BatteryClerk offers high-quality, barcode replacement batteries that are compatible with many of the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) batteries of major brands of scanners.  They will give you the superior performance and the optimum power you need. When you factor in the excellent customer service and free shipping, the value of OEM replacement batteries from BatteryClerk becomes even more evident. Whether your barcode scanner is in a retail, medical or manufacturing setting, having reliable OEM replacement batteries on hand will make sure your scanners are always working at peak efficiency.