Replacement Batteries for Property Managers

A building or property manager has to deal with a lot of things including operations and maintenance, tenant requests, owner budgeting and security amongst other things. One of the biggest elements that cause a property or building manager added stress is compliance. Certainly there are permits and contractual requirements but also state or city laws created to mitigate any risk to tenants.

Some things that facility and building managers need to consider include:

  • Permits
  • Construction & Labor
  • Sanitation
  • Informational Security & Data Governance
  • Physical Safety
  • Ethics
  • Data Governance
  • Contractual

Failure to comply to some of these can result in hefty fines, others can do more significant damage to a person’s actual well-being both physical and emotional. Nearly all of these rely on batteries in some form whether it be something as small as walkie talkies or telephone systems or something larger like tractor batteries or batteries for generators.

“We were going through our inventory list for compliance and noticed the large number of batteries we needed. Exit signs, alarms, UPS, garage doors, generators, tractors, power tools, phone systems…the list was far more extensive than we imagined. After some research we connected to BatteryClerk, signed up for a wholesale account, did some tests and haven’t looked back.”

Managing a facility means that there are a lot of moving parts and many of those moving parts require replacement batteries that need to be updated regularly. While some devices automatically display power levels, many require multimeter testing and documentation to remain compliant and ensure a safe environment. Things like backup fire alarms, Emergency Lights often rely on battery power if there’s an emergency with the main power source or if generators are impacted as well. Generators also need their startup batteries checked to ensure they also kick in when the power goes out.

“We run a pretty huge building with mixed occupancy (residential and commercial) and all our tenants rely on us to keep them safe and informed. We take that very seriously so keeping batteries up to date and functional in emergencies is essential. We test, and test, and test some more and thanks to BatteryClerk we’re able to get a reliable source that covers all our battery needs and the bulk rate certainly keeps management happy.”

While facility management requirements can run the gamut, one thing that we know is constant is the need for replacement batteries. We have created our Wholesale signup page especially for those ordering replacement batteries in large numbers and where our representatives can guide you through the process to get you what you need.