Is My Electric Scooter Battery Dead?

The weather is finally getting nicer and your child is clamoring to ride their electric scooter, but it won’t start! The battery is what makes the scooter go, so let’s start there.

Why Are AJC Battery Prices So Low?

We’re often surprised at how regularly we get asked how it is that our batteries are lower or “cheaper” than other brands. There seems to be a keen skepticism with products that are “cheap” which often means that too many compromises have been made resulting in a less quality product (and is why we prefer…

Jump Starter Replacement Batteries

A jump starter with a properly maintained battery can be the difference between sitting on the side of the road and making it to your destination.

AJC Replacement Batteries for ATV’s and UTV’s

Regardless of your choice of ATV or UTV, you need to have the battery in prime condition to get your engine started. If you are a seasonal rider, you will need to maintain the battery in the off season, so it is capable of starting the engine when you are ready to ride.

How to Find a Replacement Battery for your Snowmobile

Snowmobiles are often the primary form of transport in areas where snowfalls are prevalent. Therefore it’s imperative that it starts every time to ensure you don’t get stranded in dangerous conditions. We offer up some tips for finding a reliable replacement battery for your snowmobile.

What does the BCI Group Number on Batteries Mean?

You may have seen a number listed on your battery and wondered what it was. You may even be searching for a replacement battery and figure you can use that number in your search. You may have noticed that these numbers only appear on certain batteries. Whatever you’re reasoning whether it be curiosity or a…

Dual Purpose Replacement Batteries

What is a dual purpose battery and when is it best to use one? We break down the specifics and include a few things to look for when searching for a replacement dual purpose battery.

Global Shipping and BatteryClerk

Many of you may have heard about supply chain and logistics regarding shipping delays and BatteryClerk is certainly not immune to these issues. Read about our current situation and plan for maintaining inventory.