SLA Batteries for Security and Alarm Providers

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SLA Batteries for Security and Alarm Providers

Alarm system control panels often require a 12V SLA battery as a backup power source. Imagine as an alarm and security company, you have hundreds and thousands of customers who rely on a backup battery. They want a reliable system, not one that beeps uncontrollably or one that won’t work if the power is cut or if there’s a blackout. Most security companies are also well aware of their battery requirements. In general, these batteries vary in size and while they are typically 12V, their AH rating often ranges from 4H to 8H, representing the amp hours the batteries can provide for standby power.

When buying a lot of alarm batteries, taking advantage of the BatteryClerk wholesale program has provided a significant saving for security companies as well as giving them the essential reliability customers need.

“Since switching to BatteryClerk and AJC batteries we’ve most certainly saved money especially because we buy so many but more importantly, we’re getting fewer issues. We always expect the occasional battery issue but we’ve seen a significant drop in these instances.”

Most of our security company clients will order a large number of batteries to have them on hand predominately during initial installation but often they will send them to customers who are reporting issues, many who are getting a low battery message. Customers can typically put the replacement batteries in themselves in fact, we offer a small overview on our website of How to Replace your Alarm Batteries that gives a step-by-step direction of how customers can do it themselves.

“We signed up with BatteryClerk because of their very competitive pricing, we were pretty swiftly assigned a rep who worked with us to get things rolling. Our team was very happy with their performance so we ordered more and have kept on ordering to this day”

Our Wholesale Program

While many of our wholesale clients don’t run Security Companies, many other businesses have been taking full advantage of our wholesale program including property managers, facility managers, businesses from small to enterprise. Check out our wholesale program details and sign up to see if you qualify.