Global Shipping and BatteryClerk

Many of you may have heard about supply chain and logistics regarding shipping delays and BatteryClerk is certainly not immune to these issues. While life in America resuming a somewhat normal pattern, the supply chain has apparently gotten just that more complex as raw products are harder to find, staffing is still an issue, shelves are empty, prices are higher and long waits for items become more normal.   Factories are running with fewer staff, so staffing is at a premium. With many shipping ports overseas closed or operating at minimum capacity, rates have certainly skyrocketed. Some containers are costing 4-5 times previous rates. If you’re able to find a container ship to carry your goods, many wait offshore for weeks because receiving ports don’t have the capacity as longshoremen, warehouse staff, customs inspectors, maintenance crews and truck drivers are all in high demand so we’re even seeing many challenges domestically.

With all that in mind, while we are most certainly dealing with many of these problems, BatteryClerk is fortunate to have stocks stored locally, so we’ve mostly been able to avoid any international shipping problems with our inventory. The fact that our warehouses are strategically located allows better access to domestic delivery routes across the country. Domestic delivery seems to be having fewer issues with timely deliveries as they’ve been able to scale up during the pandemic.

Our inventory is actually reflected in real time on our website so as long as you’re able to add a product to your cart, it means we have it in stock and you are most likely to receive it quickly. There may be some circumstances during delivery that is out of our hands but we’ve found that to be rare.

In general, we recommend having a stock of backup batteries on hand especially if you use them a lot and rely on them for your operations, but we feel it important to note that you can place your order at with confidence.