How to Find a Replacement SLA Battery for Anything

How to Find a Replacement Battery for Anything

Your equipment probably came with an SLA battery already installed but eventually that battery is going to stop working. SLA batteries typically have a shelf life between 3-5 years depending on the type of battery, its maintenance and of course how hard it needs to work.

There are typically several ways to identify a replacement for your battery and not all of them have to take a lot of time nor break the bank.

Model Numbers – most batteries will have a model number as identification. Sometimes it’s located on a sticker which if worn out, makes it tough to ID, but those that do can be used to search for your exact replacement. If the current one is a Yuasa YTX12-BS simply search in and the first result will typically be the best option for you. In this case you’ll find it here.

Part Numbers – again these may be on a sticker or often stamped into the casing. If both options are scuffed it can be tricky but more often that not, if the battery is in a protected area, it should be highly visible. If your Mobility scooter shows a part number of SLADC12-35j, again put that in our search to find your compatible replacement battery.

Combinations – sometimes you might be able to find what you need by searching for some features that you know.Amps and Voltage – this one can be tricky as there can be several battery types with the same Ah and V but if you combine these with other known features, you may be able to drill down to find your match.Battery Type – if the battery is for a UPS device, emergency light or other, you can use that information to find several options.Dimension – making sure your battery fits in the available compartment can be a cause of frustration so leveraging this to find your replacement can be useful.Brand – there are a lot out there but we’ve included as many as possible on so this can be a useful way to find your replacement.

When you combine several of these features, the chances of finding your exact replacement should increase. If you search for Type(wheelchair for example) dimension (something like 7.8 x 5.2 x 6.4) and even brand (Golden Technologies), you can often find your replacement unit. This method is a little more of an inexact science so try some different combinations first (Ah, V + brand) or (Ah, V + Dimensions).

At BatteryClerk we can get the batteries out within 1-2 days for shipping to most of the U.S. so you can have your replacement battery in place and ready to go. Just remove the cables from the old battery, take the old battery out of its compartment, put the new one in the same place as the old and re-attach the same cables. Some batteries will require clamps or other methods to keep them in place more securely. Check out our infographics for more details.

The search function has been designed to make searching for your replacement battery easier. Obviously, the more information you can glean from your current battery, the more accurate you can be. Also keep in mind that not all batteries are created the same. We manufacture AJC batteries for top performance and to withstand extreme conditions which in turn helps to reduce returns, customer satisfaction and all-round good experiences.

At, we take the guesswork out of finding the right battery. Our vast selection covers everything from common household gadgets to obscure industrial equipment. With our user-friendly search tools and expert support, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect power source to keep your devices running like new. So, don’t let a dead battery dim your day! Head over to and experience the power of endless possibilities.