Really? Eggs May Help Batteries Last Longer?

Really Eggs May Help Batteries Last Longer

Scientists at MIT and Tsinghua University, eggs may be the key to longer life in batteries. A nanoparticle battery electrode was developed that are similar to the structure of an egg. According to Engadget, “their invention, which houses a shape-changing aluminum “yolk” in a titanium dioxide cell, can go through charging cycles without degrading like the graphite electrodes in conventional power packs.”

This design could increase the life of the battery along with the capacity and maximum power. The battery would last longer between charges and it will not need to be replaced as often under heavy use. 

Other perks of this design include:
– Materials are easy to find  
– The “Yolks” at this early stage of the experiment hold up well  
– Devices such as phones, tablets, laptops will last longer and stay possibly stay cooler 

[SOURCE] and MIT News 

BatteryClerk’s thoughts on this new battery design: 

Our team at BatteryClerk definitely has some questions about this design. With the material used to make this type of battery, how much will the cost of the battery rise compared to conventional batteries? If the batteries last much longer but they are triple the price, will it still be cheaper to stick to conventional batteries? You may go through 3 sets of batteries for a device compared to the one battery mentioned in this article, but we may see that paying for the 3 sets of conventional batteries are far cheaper than paying for the one new “egg-like” battery. 

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