Replacement Battery Planning for Property Managers

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Property Managers typically have a lot on their plates, particularly during a change in season and annual audits. Even more if they’re managing multiple properties or large and commercial ones, so it makes sense to keep your tenants happy as well as minimize any potential issues. Usually Property Managers have a checklist that they’ll run weekly or monthly and will include things like air filters, temperature settings, vermin and general structural checks but there are some items where having direct access to a battery manufacturer can ease potential headaches and keep costs down significantly.

A couple of items on the checklist can be critical in maintaining a safe building environment.

Smoke Alarms and CO Detectors – are definitely an essential part of the checklist. Some tenants will remove them completely rather than letting you know that the battery is low or there’s an issue with it. Many larger systems rely on backup batteries in case power is compromised so keeping them updated is essential.

Security systems offer an important level of safety for tenants and their equipment so the last thing you want is to have one malfunctioning or not working because your backup battery is low. Keep a bunch handy.

Generators – for buildings like hospitals, a working generator is literally a matter of life and death but even for laboratories or catering facilities where thousands of dollars of food requires refrigeration, having a functional generator in the building is essential. Test your generator regularly and for those with a starter battery, make sure that battery works.

Hospitals & Medial Offices – if you manage a property that contains a lot of medical equipment like a hospital or urgent care facility, some of it needs to be on at all times. A lot of the mobile equipment like wheelchairs and mobility scooters are battery powered so keeping them charged and having a fresh set of replacements is a key item to add to your checklist.

Managing properties and facilities means taking care of a lot of moving parts, people and situations. Those in more challenging locations where earthquakes, hurricanes and winter storms occur have even more challenging situations to consider. Having a plan in place is important and most will rely on a checklist for maintaining a sound environment.

At BatteryClerk we take our role in Property and Facility Managers tasks very seriously.

  1. We provide a platform for them to access our website at wholesale rates so cost savings are right there for them to see.
  2. We take customer service very seriously. If you have questions, we’re there to answer. If there is an issue, we’ll review immediately.

The majority of our clients who are property and facility managers have wholesale accounts which gives them even more competitive prices directly through our website but allows for the benefit of ordering in bulk which not only ensures that equipment is ready to go but there’s a backup replacement battery handy. And if that backup isn’t there, quick (and free) delivery is just a click or call away.