Replacement Battery Tutorials & Guides

Replacement Battery Tutorials & Guides

At BatteryClerk, we’ve been selling replacement batteries for a while now (since 2010) and have learned a lot about batteries during that time. While they may not be an exciting subject for many, batteries are an important part of our lives so we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for our customers to find the best match for their equipment. We also feel it’s important to offer some tips on best practices when replacing your batteries. We don’t have all the answers but we try to get as close as possible.

As a result, we’ve spent a lot of time putting together a robust resources section that hopefully provides some answers to your questions. Our FAQ’s section has been built out through the years based on some of our most popular questions ask in our online chat app and phone calls.

In addition, we have a fairly robust set of infographics that are designed to help provide a step-by-step process for replacing batteries for most of the most popular products including motorcycles, UPS devices, alarms etc. 

We also have a solid selection of videos which are designed to be more informational than instructional but we’re regularly adding content there so feel free to check back regularly. 

We’ve recently started to add some Tutorials & Guides which covers some of the battery basics that may not be familiar to many. We’re also looking to embrace some more specific information to help guide customers through the replacement battery buying and installing process. In doing so, we are hoping that there are more happy customers. An informed customer is generally better for us. Check out our latest replacement battery Tutorials & Guides.

And if that’s not enough for you, we’re also happy to help out in real time if need be. Our online chat tool is available from 8am-9pm EST, our phone line is also available during these times plus we’ve got someone checking in to Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis so if there are any questions, we should be available to help find the answers.