Why Are AJC Battery Prices So Low?

We’re often surprised at how regularly we get asked how it is that our batteries are lower or “cheaper” than other brands. There seems to be a keen skepticism with products that are “cheap” which often means that too many compromises have been made resulting in a less quality product (and is why we prefer to call them “affordable”). While cheap equals poor quality in many cases, it doesn’t always apply. Our response to this question has always been fairly consistent through the years you don’t even need to take our word for it anymore, as customers you also have the added benefit of being able to see and read reviews online which is even more validation than we can offer ourselves regarding the quality of the product.

So what are a few of the things we mention when people ask us why our replacement batteries are so low? Here are a few of our reasons:

Selling Direct – as the manufacturers of AJC batteries, we no longer have to rely on 3rd party providers to sell our products. The Internet has made that side of things a lot easier so now instead of having to go through another company that will charge additional pricing in order to make a profit, we’re able to do it directly through our websites ajcbattery.com and batteryclerk.com. That gives us greater control over what prices we’re able to set and as a result, allows us to keep them a little lower than our competitors.

Focus – all our company does is sell batteries. We may offer some battery accessories but we’re very keen on ensuring we keep our offerings focused so that the company doesn’t get distracted on other products or services and we don’t end up having to offset some of those additional costs of those to our batteries. Having our eyes constantly on our batteries, ensuring the quality is good, keeps our costs competitive, our services fine-tuned and as a result, we happen to have become pretty good at it.

Advertising – while all products need some form of advertising or marketing to reach prospective buyers, we’ve been able to keep these costs fairly low. By keeping our eyes on ROI and data, we’ve been able to target the areas that we know are effective for us. Initiatives like SEO and PPC have been very impactful, so we’ve put a great deal of energy into that area to ensure strong returns and have quickly moved from other initiatives that do not perform well.

Relationships – we make sure we have good relationships with many of our providers, one of those being our shipping carriers both globally and nationally. This ensures that we have products to sell, the more products we are able to get delivered, the lower our shipping rate per item. Same goes for national delivery services, we get better rates the more we deliver plus we get additional benefits of overnight and two-day shipping which customers really like a lot. We recently reduced overall pricing on our batteries due to recent shipping savings that were applied

Efficiency – we tend to steer clear of unknown elements like providing coupons or viral marketing or Black Friday /Cyber Monday or any other initiatives that some companies will attempt. These activities all cost money and those costs get passed along to the customer. Keeping budgets efficient allows us to apply these savings to our product.

Ultimately, we place a great deal of emphasis in ensuring our products are high quality which brings us repeat customers. We understand the benefits of competitive pricing and we try to maintain that by being efficient and not wasteful, but we also don’t feel the need to be greedy. Our goal is to get the right balance so that everybody wins.