Watercraft Batteries

Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) AGM Personal Watercraft Batteries / Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) AGM Jetski Batteries

AJC® Battery is the leading provider in replacement batteries for all personal watercraft.


Out on the water, you and your PWC, riding the waves, reveling in the sun and spray. Keep that adventure going all summer by making sure your battery is up to the job. AJC® Battery offers a wide selection of batteries designed to survive the outdoor challenges lawn and garden equipment may face.

AJC® Battery, a world leader in battery technology, manufacturers the highest quality personal watercraft replacement batteries for the widest range of personal watercraft manufacturers in the battery industry. All AJC® Battery personal watercraft batteries utilize the highest quality, absorbed glass mat (AGM Battery) technology for prolonged life and superior performance. AJC® Battery personal watercraft batteries are delivered charged, sealed, maintenance free – ready for customers to install and use. Below is our listing of exact OEM replacement personal watercraft batteries that we provide. We can also provide customers with other battery technology and products that are not listed below, so please contact us today with any questions.