Replacement Batteries for Aerospace

Aerospace has been in the news quite a bit lately with some notable individuals going galactic in their efforts to keep advancing the industry. But much of the aerospace industry remains closer to the earth’s atmosphere where demands are high and often with travel restrictions, budgets are tight. In addition, there’s a lot of working parts to running and operating an aerospace facility.

Aerospace Industry Buying in Bulk

A long-time customer of ours in the aerospace industry has shared how valuable the relationship between their company and AJC has been.

“We’ve relied on BatteryClerk and AJC to provide replacement batteries for all our equipment and they have never steered us wrong. Every so often we will do our due diligence by exploring other providers and either the price is way off, or the products are subpar.”

While there are few companies in the aerospace industry, there are small satellite offices, research facilities, partners, military, training, institutes and plenty of other production and support facilities. The electronic requirements for most of these facilities is staggering with UPS devices, golf carts, UTV’s, alarms, boats, phones, alarms, drones, emergency lights, doors (including garage doors), generators, GPS, lawn mowers & tractors, radios, power tools, remote controls, solar devices, telecommunications and even wheelchairs and mobility scooters in some. That equals a significant need for replacement and backup batteries.

The BatteryClerk wholesale battery program has proven to be key to maximizing budgets without sacrificing performance for those companies within the aerospace industry as well as ensuring quick turnaround.

“While we’re typically well-organized when it comes to ordering our replacement batteries, every now and again we needed one yesterday. BatteryClerk’s turnaround time is excellent and has bailed us out a few more times that I like to admit.”

As we watch planes flying in the sky or rockets launching themselves into space, we should remember that there are a lot of pieces that make these work. BatteryClerk’s replacement batteries are just a small part of those operations but valuable, nonetheless.