Replacement Batteries for Schools

The wholesale replacement battery program at BatteryClerk and AJC has been useful for a lot of industries but we’ve been quite surprised at how expansive colleges and universities are to require such a range and supply of replacement batteries. From ATV/UTV batteries to UPS replacement batteries, the number of batteries needed can be quite staggering especially for some of the larger schools.

Schools Buying in Bulk

Colleges often have large grounds and include accommodations for students that significantly increases the need for keeping a supply of batteries on hand. Regardless of whether an elementary, high, middle, college, university, all types of schools need to follow certain safety requirements so equipment like backup generators, emergency lighting especially in areas prone to flooding, tornadoes or generally extreme weather conditions are critical. Even keeping the wifi running during blackouts will ensure the safety of students and keep the situation from escalating. Students and Professors are increasingly reliant on their electronic equipment and devices for all aspects of their education so while the cloud can be a lifesaver for many, an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is necessary in many other aspects. UPS replacement batteries are definitely our biggest sellers to colleges. 

For universities with sporting grounds and facilities, the need for replacement batteries increases even more. While golf carts are often used to get around, tractors and mowers are important to keep the grounds looking good and the sporting fields playable.

“Our school is one of those massive institutions that caters for a large number of students and our operations requirements are like running a small town. We found ourselves buying a large amount of batteries for safety and general equipment operations so when we stumbled across BatteryClerk we instantly applied for their wholesale program to see what they could offer. The cost difference was unbelievable and I’m happy to say the battery performance excellent.”

We do encourage colleges, universities, and schools to apply for our wholesale program even if you’re just trying out our products, we’ll be able to curate your order and give you our best recommendations. Remember, we’ve been doing this for a while now and our representatives are familiar with the needs of a range of schools. 

As schools also increasingly lean into greener campuses it’s also important to note that BatteryClerk does offer a recycling program. The fact that up to 95% of SLA battery components can be reused in some way should certainly be a factor.

Education Facilities have a lot of moving parts to operate fully and safely. Ensuring that all aspects of power remain operational can be critical. As one of the larger purchasers of replacement batteries, Universities and Colleges should certainly take advantage of their bulk buying power with the BatteryClerk wholesale program. Sign up today.