Electric Scooter Batteries

AJC® Battery is recognized as one of the largest suppliers of electric scooter batteries in North America and increasingly in Europe. AJC® Battery SLA electric scooter batteries provide the energy needed for second rounds. With a solid customer following, including some of the world’s biggest names in the electric scooter industry, AJC® Battery, has a history of creating battery solutions for electric scooters worldwide.

AJC® Battery, a world leader in battery technology, manufacturers the highest quality electric scooter OEM replacement batteries for the widest range of OEM electric scooter manufacturers in the battery industry. All AJC® Battery electric scooter batteries utilize the highest quality, absorbed glass mat (AGM Battery) technology for prolonged life and superior performance. AJC® Battery electric scooter batteries are delivered charged, sealed, maintenance free- ready for customers to install and use.

Electric Scooter Replacement Battery Facts