Medical Batteries

Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) AGM Medical Batteries / Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) AGM Medical Battery

The most dependable replacement medical device and equipment batteries, guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Medical Batteries

Reliability, safety and performance are critical for medical batteries. From vital sign monitors and transport incubators to defibrillators and infusion pumps, AJC® Battery stocks powerful sources for virtually every make and model of medical equipment. We are the single source for reliable, quality medical batteries.

AJC® Battery, a world leader in battery technology, manufacturers the highest quality Medical Device and Equipment OEM replacement batteries for the widest range of OEM medical device manufacturers in the battery industry. All AJC® Battery Medical Device and Equipment batteries utilize the highest quality, absorbed glass mat (AGM Battery) technology for prolonged life and superior performance. AJC® Battery Medical Device and Equipment batteries are delivered charged, sealed, maintenance free- ready for customers to install and use. Below is our listing of exact OEM replacement Medical Device and Equipment batteries that we provide. We can also provide customers with other battery technology and products that are not listed below, so please contact us today with any questions.

Medical Battery Replacement Facts

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Airbourne Life Support Batteries
Alaris Batteries
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American Batteries
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AMS Batteries
Amsco Batteries
Anybattery Batteries
Apex Dynamics Batteries
ARJO Batteries
Arjo Century Batteries
Armstrong Batteries
Armstrong Medical Batteries
Arrow International Batteries
Artromick International Batteries
Arvee Medical Batteries
Aspen Labs Batteries
Astro-Med Batteries
Astro-MedIngersol Batteries
Avco Batteries
AVI Batteries
AVIALL Batteries
Axon Batteries
B. Braun Batteries
Bard Batteries
Bard Batteries
Bard Medsystems Batteries
Baxter Healthcare Batteries
BCI International Batteries
Bear Medical Systems Batteries
Belmont Instrument Batteries
Bennett X-Ray Batteries
Bennett X-Ray Technologies Batteries
Bently Laboratories Batteries
Bio Logic Batteries
Biochem Batteries
Biodex Batteries Biodex Medical
Systems Batteries
Biomedical Design Batteries
Biomedical Systems Batteries
Bio-Medicus Batteries
Biosearch Medical Batteries
Bio-Tek Instruments Batteries
Bird Batteries
Bird Products Batteries
Birtcher Batteries
Boston Scientific Batteries
Bourns Batteries
Braegen Batteries
Braun Batteries
Brentwood Instrument Batteries
Brentwood Instruments Batteries
BSI Batteries
Bullard Batteries
Burdick Batteries
Burke Batteries
Burke Mobility Batteries
Burton Medical Batteries
Burton Medical Products Batteries
Cambridge Instrument Batteries
Cambridge Instruments Batteries
Camino Laboratories Batteries
Camino Labs Batteries
Canberra Industries Batteries
Cardiac Pacemakers Batteries
Cardiac Resuscitator Batteries
Cardiac Science Batteries
Cardioline Batteries
Cardio-Stat Batteries
Care Monitoring Batteries
Care Systems Batteries
Caremaker Homecare Batteries
CAS Medical Batteries
Castle Batteries
Cavitron Batteries
Centrimed Batteries
Century Batteries
CNS Batteries
Codman Batteries
Colin Medical Batteries
Contec Batteries
Continental Batteries
Continental Scale Batteries
Corometrics Medical Batteries
Cortronix Batteries
Criticare Systems Batteries
Critikon Batteries
Cutter Labs Batteries
Cybex Batteries
Dallans Batteries
Dallas Instruments Batteries
Damon Batteries
Datamedix Batteries
Datascope Batteries
Datek Batteries
Datex Medical Batteries
Datex-Ohmeda Batteries
Defigard Batteries
Delphi Batteries
Deltec Batteries
Devilbiss Batteries
Diagnostic Ultrasound Batteries
Digitron Batteries
Digitron Scales Batteries
Dittmar Batteries
Diversified Medical Batteries
Draeger Medical Batteries
Dranetz Technologies Batteries
Drustar Batteries
Dual Lite Batteries
Dukane Batteries
Dyna Feed Batteries
Dynatech Batteries
Dyonics Batteries
elan Batteries
Elan Pharma Batteries
Electromedics Batteries
EP Medsystems Batteries
Ergotron Batteries
Estill Medical Technologies Batteries
Executone Information Batteries
Fairfield Medical Batteries
Ferno Batteries
Ferno-ILLE Batteries
First Medical Batteries
Fisher Scientific Group Batteries
Foregger Medical Batteries / Foregger Medical Battery
Franz Batteries
Franz Medical Batteries
Fukuda Batteries
Fukuda Denshi Batteries
Futuremed America Batteries
Gambro Engstrom Batteries
GE Batteries
General Devices Batteries
General Medical Batteries
General Medical Industries Batteries
General Scanning Batteries
Gould Batteries
Graseby Batteries
Grason Stadler Batteries
Gyneco Batteries
Hall Surgical Batteries
Harvard Batteries
Harvard Clinical Technology Batteries
Hausted Batteries
Healthdine Batteries
Healthdyne Batteries
Healthdyne Technologies Batteries
Health-O-Meter Batteries
Healthtek Batteries
HealthtekIngersol Batteries
Heart Mate Batteries
Hemochron Batteries
Henley International Batteries
HEWLETT Batteries
Hill-Rom Batteries
Hoffman Laroche Batteries
Hospitak Batteries
Hoyer Batteries
HP Batteries
IMED Batteries
Imesco Batteries
IMEX Batteries
Impact Instrumentation Batteries
Impact Medical Batteries
Infrasonic Batteries
Infrasonics Batteries
Infusion Batteries
International Batteries
International Biomedical Batteries
International Technidyne Batteries
Interstate Batteries
Invacare Batteries
Invivo Research Batteries
Iris Batteries
I-Stat Batteries
IVAC Batteries
Ivy Batteries
Ivy Biomedical Systems Batteries
Jeron Electronic Systems Batteries
Keithley Instruments Batteries
Keller Medical Specialties Batteries
Kelvinator Scientific Batteries
Kendall-Mcgaw Batteries
Kenz Batteries
Kinetic Concepts Batteries
KMW Group Batteries
Knight Batteries
Knight Medical Batteries
Kontron Batteries
Kontron Instruments Batteries
Ladd Medical Batteries
Ladd Steritak Batteries
Laerdal Batteries
Lanier Worldwide Batteries
Life Science Batteries
Lifecare International Batteries
LifeLine Batteries
Lifeline Systems Batteries
Liko Batteries
Lionville Systems Batteries
Litton Batteries
Lucas-Grayson Batteries
Lumiscope Batteries
Luxtec Batteries
Magnetic Resounants Batteries
Mansfield Batteries
Mansfield Smec Batteries
Maquet Batteries
Marcal Batteries
Marcal Medical Batteries
Marquette Batteries
Marquette Electronics Batteries
Matrx Medical Batteries
McGaw Batteries
MDI Batteries
MDT Batteries
Medasonics Batteries
Medical Data Batteries
Medical Data Electronics Batteries
Medical Lab Automation Batteries
Medical Research Lab Batteries
Medical Resources Batteries
Medical System International Batteries
Medical Systems Batteries
Medical Technology Batteries
Medi-Man Batteries
Medi-Man Rehab Products Batteries
Medimex Batteries
Medtek Batteries
Medtronic Batteries
Medtronics Batteries
Mennen Medical Batteries
Mennon Medical Batteries
Metron Batteries
MEX Medical Systems Batteries
Micro Medical Batteries
Micro Medical Devices Batteries
Midmark Batteries
Mindray Batteries
Mindray Batteries
Mobilizer Batteries
Monaghan Batteries
Mortara Batteries
Mortara Instrument Batteries
Mortara Instruments Batteries
Motorola Batteries
Narco Batteries
National Hospital Specialties Batteries
Nellcor Batteries
Nellcor Puritan-Bennett Batteries
Newport Medical Instruments Batteries
Nihon Batteries
Nihon Kohden Batteries
Nivec Batteries
Nonin Medical Systems Batteries
Norand Batteries
North American Drager Batteries
Novametrix Batteries
O’Brien Batteries
OEC Batteries
OEC Medical Systems Batteries
OEC-Diasonics Batteries
Ohio Batteries
Ohmeda Batteries
Omni-Flow Batteries
Omni-Graph Batteries
Omnimed Batteries
Omron Batteries
Optical Micro Systems Batteries
Organon Teknika Batteries
Orion Batteries
Orion Research Batteries
Orthopedic Systems Batteries
Pace Batteries
Pace Tech Batteries
Pacetronics Batteries
Palco Batteries
Parallel Batteries
Parks Batteries
Parks Electronics Labs Batteries
Parks Medical Batteries
Penlon Batteries
Perry Baraomedical Batteries
Pharmacia Deltec Batteries
Philips Batteries
Philips Medical Systems Batteries
Physio Control Batteries
Physio-Control Batteries
Picker Batteries
Picker International Batteries
PPG Batteries
Precision Batteries
Precision Medical Batteries
Protocol Systems Batteries
Pulmanetics Batteries
Pulsair Batteries
Puritan Batteries
Puritan Bennett Batteries
Qmed Batteries
Quantum Batteries
Quest Batteries
Quest Medical Batteries
Quinton Batteries
R&D Batteries
Racal Batteries
Radiometer America Batteries
Radionics Batteries
Rainin Batteries
Rauland-Borg Batteries
Respironics Batteries
Revco Scientific Batteries
RICO Batteries
Rico Suction Labs Batteries
Rigel Batteries
Roche Diagnostics Batteries
Roman Batteries
Roman Labs Batteries
Ross Batteries
Ross Laboratories Batteries
S&S Technology Division Batteries
Sabratek Batteries
Saft Batteries
Sandoz Batteries
Sandoz Nutrition Batteries
Sarnes Batteries
Sartorius Batteries
Scale Tronix Batteries
Scale-Tronix Batteries
Schiller America Batteries
Schuco Batteries
SchucoIngersol Batteries
Sebra Batteries
Sensor Medics Batteries
SensorMedics Batteries
Sentinel Batteries
Seratron Batteries
Shampaine Batteries
Shimadzu Batteries
Siemens Batteries
Sigma Batteries
Site Microsurgical Systems Batteries
SMEC Batteries
Smiths Batteries
Sonnenschein Batteries
Spacelabs Batteries
Spacelabs Medical Batteries
Spectromed Batteries
Squibb Vitatek Batteries
SR Instruments Batteries
SSCOR Batteries
Stand Aid Batteries
Stand Aid of Iowa Batteries
Staodyn Batteries
Steris Batteries
Sterling Batteries
Sterling Medical Batteries
Stierlen-Maquet Batteries
Stimtech Products Batteries
Stryker Batteries
SunL Batteries
Sunrise Batteries
Superior Healthcare Batteries
Surgidyne Batteries
Survival Batteries
Survival Technologies Batteries
Survivallink Batteries
Tamtha Batteries
Tamtha Medical Batteries
Tektronix Batteries
Telemed Electronics Batteries
Tenzcare Batteries
Terumo Batteries
Thermolyne Batteries
Thoratec Laboratories Batteries
Toitu Batteries
Toledo Batteries
Toledo Scale Batteries
Toledo Scales Batteries
Travenol Batteries
Ultr Doppler Flow Batteries
Unipower Batteries
United Surgical Batteries
Varidyne Batteries
Viasys Batteries
Vickers Batteries
Vital Technology Batteries
Vital Techology Batteries
Vitalog Monitoring Batteries
Waters Instruments Batteries
Welch Allyn Batteries
Welch-Allyn Batteries
World Precision Instruments Batteries
Xomed Surgical Products Batteries
Zenith Batteries
Zevek International Batteries
Zimmer Batteries