Personal Watercraft Battery Replacement Guide

Personal Watercraft can provide a lot of fun activities around the waterways with friends or family. Since the early 70’s when Kawasaki came out with their Jet Ski brand, people have been using personal watercraft for pleasure and also for work in increasing numbers with a number of other manufacturers including Yamaha and Bombardier with their Sea-Doo…

RV & Boat Replacement Batteries

AJC marine and boat batteries are designed specifically for boats and RV’s. Marine batteries are able to provide the right power where you need it. Here are a few tips to look for when on the hunt for a replacement battery.

Spring Preparations for Powersports Equipment

Throughout the winter season in many parts of the world, your favorite powersports equipment is most likely tucked away in the garage laying dormant. You may have attached a trickle charger but possibly not. You may also turn it on regularly but most likely not. Typically, your equipment will be just sitting there through the…

The Story Behind AJC Battery

In 2010, AJC founder Aric Shelko noticed he was using a lot of batteries around the house and for his business and most replacement batteries were very expensive, sometimes just as expensive as the item it was supposed to power. This didn’t make sense to him. So, he started looking a little deeper. This deeper…

Wholesale Battery Supplier

Our AJC Batteries are all available via, and we recommend their wholesale program for those who buy in bulk and look forward to working with you to meet your replacement battery needs. Apply today.

Lithium Ion Replacement Battery Benefits and Maintenance Tips

Lithium Ion (also known as Li-ion) has risen in popularity over recent years with more dependence on our electronic devices from laptops and cell phones to barcodes scanners and multimeters. We look at the benefits and offer up some tips on best practice for maintaining your Li-ion batteries.

How to Replace your Alarm Batteries

Protecting your home with an alarm system is important for many. Ensuring that the system is fully operational is a critical part of that and often the battery or backup battery is a point of failure. We show you how to find a replacement alarm battery and also step to replace your alarm system battery.

Is My Electric Scooter Battery Dead?

The weather is finally getting nicer and your child is clamoring to ride their electric scooter, but it won’t start! The battery is what makes the scooter go, so let’s start there.