UPS RBC Replacement Batteries

UPS, or uninterruptable power supply, is a necessity in today’s digital world. It protects your sensitive laptop, desktop or home theater equipment from power surges, and gives you a few minutes to shut your system down correctly. Learn how to get the most protection by maintaining the batteries in your UPS.

Ride on Toy Battery Replacement

Keeping your child’s battery operated car in tip top shape means taking care of that battery or getting the right replacement battery!

What is a UPS Battery for and Why Should I Care?

Why should you care about a UPS device? Power loss happens and it’s often at the most inconvenient times. Power surges can damage equipment and wipe data. BatteryClerk offers some info on the value of UPS devices and the batteries that are used to power them.

Mushroom Batteries

USING MUSHROOMS AS BATTERIES Research Into New Lithium-ion Battery Made From Portabella Mushrooms

Really? Eggs May Help Batteries Last Longer?

Scientists at MIT and Tsinghua University, eggs may be the key to longer life in batteries. A nanoparticle battery electrode was developed that are similar to the structure of an egg. According to Engadget, “their invention, which houses a shape-changing aluminum “yolk” in a titanium dioxide cell, can go through charging cycles without degrading like…

How to Build a Flashlight with Dead Batteries

Batteries That Are Considered Dead, Actually Have About 15% Of A Charge Left. For those of you that love to tinker with gadgets, Popular Science put out a great how-to guide on building a flashlight with dead batteries. In a nutshell, batteries from devices that we use are thrown away after they are unable to power up our devices.